Art and Culture, Goa

The art and culture forms of Goa show a remarkable harmony between Portuguese and Indian cultures.Goa is indeed a bridge between the east and west.The crafts of the state are intricately beautiful, capturing the fancies of tourists and locals alike. These crafts can be at best described as a mirror of Goa's perennial glory and beauty and they have carved a niche for themselves with the connoisseur's of art the world over.

Major Art forms
The paintings of Goa is another thing that fascinates tourists from across the world. The example of these paintings can be found on the walls of temples and churches. All these images are based on mythology and depict the stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata or stories from the New Testament. Example of Goan art can be seen in the Christian Art Museum. In terms of music, Goa has been a great talent pool. Some of the finest musicians of today hail from Goa.

Paintings of Goa
The major art forms of the state include bamboo craft, woodcarving, brass metals, seashell craft, Papier-Mache, and wooden lacquer ware. Other important crafts of the state include Jute Macrame, Fabric Collage, Plaster of Paris, Crochet and embroidery, fiber and Batik prints, fiber stone carving, Coconut shell carving, metal embossing, silver and imitation jewelry, cotton dolls, soft toys, woolen tapestry, and artistic weaving.

Art Gallery And Handicraft Center

The Big Foot Art Gallery is one of the magnificent places that have played a leading role to host artists of the State. The Art Gallery is regarded is as a means to endorse amateur artisanship in all its form. An exhibition of art is held at Artist’s Camps that lasts upto three days. The exhibition work also displays work done by the school children. Their art work includes poster and drawing competition. You can find the craftsmanship in artifacts at the Art Gallery. The Art Gallery Exhibition is open to the public free of cost. The handicraft centre is easily accessible to the tourists.

Handicrafts in Goa

Pottery & Terra-cotta :
The pottery & terra cotta are traditional crafts with value-cum-decorative items produced by the potters with artistic perfectionist of Goa. Flower garden pots, bowls with floral designs, figures of saints, Gods' and Goddesses' and animals, ashtrays and penholders are the finest examples of pottery and terracotta items of Goa handicrafts.
Brass metal ware :
Oil lamps in a variety of designs, candle stands, temple towers, church bells, and ashtrays are the brass metal ware of Goa. While utensils of sheet metal (copper), brass metal ware is a craft conceded one from to another practiced on inherited basis.
Wooden laquerware / Wood turning :
Cradels, babycarts, toys; corner stands are the products made of wooden laquerware/Wood turning. Wooden laquerware/Wood turning is now a days gaining prominence among the visitors of Goa.
Crochet & Embroidery :
Tablecloths, children and ladies garments, pillow and cushion covers, linen are made by Crochet & Embroidery-prime means of attraction of Goa.
Bhandap Folk Dance :
This traditional folk dance of Goa is performed by the womenfolk. It is a folk dance that is performed by scheduled tribe community of Goa. Also, they were the original settlers of Goa.